Discipline And Direction   Dec 12th, 2015

Dad principles for Single moms

Dad principles for single moms is an event sponsored by Dad Leadership Group LLC to revitalize, strengthen, and encourage single mothers in life, parenting, and relationship, etc. They will be empowered in areas such as effective parenting methods, empowerment & leadership skills, blended family strategies, recognizing Boaz, and much more. Dad Leadership Group LLC will also provide coaching and consultation via email and phone as continued support to the single mothers. Our special guest speaker will be Janet Stephens, a woman who had 2 children at the tender ages of 14 & 16 yet with the help of her family she still graduated from high school and also graduated from The Ohio State University. She is now married to Terry Stephens and they have a blended family of 6 children together.  They like to call themselve the black Brady bunch. You don't want to miss this awesome opportunity