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About Bridges to Life Community Services

It is Our Job to Help You

Why Choose our Services

Regardless as to the nature of your family you will find that the team at Bridges to Life Community Services has what it takes to help you achieve success. Our relationship-based approach is grounded in the strength of family. The force of family is the strongest and long lasting institution in the world.  Bridges to resources is critical to the foundation of any family. Let us strengthen your family. 


The family was the first institution God formed. We believe that all families like organizations should clearly identify and communicate their shared values so that their family members, children, team members, potential team members, clients, prospects, vendors, alliance partners, and others will know what they stand for and for what they are willing to be held accountable.


At Bridges to Life Community Services, we’ve identified ours.  We value:

  • Diligence (careful and persistent work ethic) in all we do.

  • Excellence -going the extra mile to provide the best solutions and services

  • Family, faith, and fun




About our Youth Services



D2 Academy is led by a group of current or former military veterans with at least three years of experience who will operate in teams of two.  Each instructor will go through our 20 hour DaD training based on the book Discipline and Direction, Dad principles for single mothers written by our executive director and founder Terry Stephens II. D2 academy will also occasionally have certified therapists and counselors on site during special activities. Throughout the duration of the program our DaD teams will be available to parents, teachers, coaches, school staff, court staff, and others for collaberation and consultation. 


A Little about Terry


 An author, speaker, leadership and parenting consultant, youth leader, preacher, husband, father, and gifted leader, Terry Stephens II is the founder of Bridges to Life Community Services (B2L), a thriving small business aimed at building families, connecting resources and restoring (DaD) Discipline and Direction into our youth, schools, organizations, churches, and community. D2 Academy, a youth anger management/leadership program is a personal favorite part of his vision for bringing Discipline and Direction (DaD) back to our generation. He has served in leadership for many years and in many places around the world. Both as a proud Soldier in the United States Army and in the community as well. Serving overseas and in combat zones, such as Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq taught him how to lead in the most challenging situations. Mr. Stephens believes that Discipline and Direction are two of the most critical aspects of leadership that all leaders must operate with. He is committed to connecting families to the village and helping leaders increase in effectiveness through Discipline and Direction (DaD).



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Terry Stephens II

CEO and Founder

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