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Beauty 4 Ashes

The highest population in our community is single parent homes. If we are to decrease crime, generational welfare, and teen pregnancy B4A would be a great investment. 

Beauty 4 Ashes provides single parents strategies for life, home, and raising children. With monthly support groups for single parents B4A covers topics such as dating while single, developing a network of support, setting boundaries, time management, budgeting, employability, parenting, co-parenting, self-care, and much more. 

Beauty 4 Ashes also connects single parents with community resources to help with housing, utilities, material assistance, employment, holidays, etc. 

Beauty 4 Ashes has a special emphasis on domestic violence and infant mortality. Partnering with other organizations to assist in these areas is a big part of our focus on connecting families with resources.

Beauty 4 Ashes also provides an annual day of empowerment, love, and beauty makeovers for single moms. With the help of the community these ladies receive free beauty services such as lashes, hair, makeup, nails, etc. along with seminars on credit repair, home buying, parenting, and much more. 


Our counseling department will be staffed with professionals who excel in marriage, parental, and financial counseling.

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Janet Stephens (Lady J) is a leader, writer, exhorter, wife and mother of a blended family of 6 beautiful children. Despite many challenges, it is the Lord’s plans that prevailed! Lady J has a powerful story of redemption, restoration and resilience. Lady J became a single mother at 14 years old and again at 16 years old.  Despite that overwhelming challenge, she remained focused to graduate at the top of her class, receiving a full ride scholarship to The Ohio State University. In her senior year in college she delivered her youngest child, in which she still graduated on time with a 2 month old baby and as a new wife. That marriage ended in divorce, but she has since remarried to the CEO of B2L, Mr. Terry Stephens. Lady J concludes that her relationship with God was her saving grace. You can tell in her step and in her smile that the Joy of the Lord is her strength, and that weeping had its night season, but that her morning has come!

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