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DAD Leadership Group (D2) provides value to clients across many industries. Led by veterans of the Armed Forces, we understand strategy, maintaining a healthy and progressive workforce, team building, and the discipline it takes to accomplishing the mission. When looking for the right partner to your leaders and organization, look no further.



DAD Leadership Group (D2) consulting services engage the people and resources of your organization to achieve highly measurable and effective results. Our consultation is known for detailed listening, impactful strategy, and exceeding expectations. For us failure is not an option.



DAD Leadership Group (D2) coaching services will get the best from you and or your leaders, develop their talents, and turn them into high impact leaders.


Our consulting and coaching services will directly impact your organizations bottom line results. Our programs will help develop your high potential people, build a leadership pipeline and increase the company's bench strength.


Our program delivers tangible results by combining:

  • specific objectives

  • measurable strategy focusing on a great start and strong finish

  • definitive timeframes


Coaching and consulting clients learn how to:

  • communicate clearly with peers, subordinates, supervisors, clients and customers

  • fine tune strategic thinking, implement vision reminders,

  • delegate according to strengths

  • make it happen even with limited resources

  • stay disciplined for the task, while giving direction for the destination


You will accelerate the growth of your leaders when they learn to expand their responsibilities, exert more influence and gain new leadership competencies.


Training, seminars, speaking engagements

D2 offers a variety of professional development training services ranging from off-the-shelf to semi-customized to fully customized development and facilitation. Terry's speaking style is higly interactive, energetic, motivating and informative and is sure to energize your audience. Presentations are customized specifically for your group and are relevant to the questions professionals face today.


Attention deficit disorder/Attention deficit hyperactive disorder

D2 also works with adults and children with ADD/ADHD to help them understand and effectively manage their conditions including focusing, paying attention, calming hyperactive and impulsive tendencies, developing and implementing plans, overcoming resistance, organizing, managing stress, managing time effectively, and building and sustaining relationships. We help executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs to manage their conditions, tap into their creativity, wisdom and gifts and optimize their effectiveness in business, life, and relationships.


By consulting with D2, you will move to higher levels of leadership, while growing in confidence, discipline, and direction. 










We provide solutions in several types of relationships

  • Contract

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Inservice workshops

Got questions? Email us at

For more information, email us at and we'll respond to you promptly.

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