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Discipline And Direction

To a Fatherless Generation

D2 Academy

D2 Academy provides a variety of services that deal with issues such as leadership, fatherlessness, parenting, single parenting, mental toughness, anger management, obesity, etc. In support of these issues we provide services such as D2 Academy, Parent coaching, Single parent support groups, and Professional development and seminars. Our DaD teams are available to parents, teachers, school staff, coaches, court staff or other agencies for consultation and collaberation. Our philosophy is simple. We believe every man, woman, boy, and girl needs DaD (Discipline And Direction). Discipline is setting boundaries to protect us and others, not to keep us from enjoying ourselves. While Direction gives us hope to achieve and maximize life to our fullest potential. When we have Direction (hope), Discipline (boundaries) then becomes necessary in order to achieve and experience that hope. 


Our program consists of 3 major components:

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Our physical fitness program is designed towards each individual being physically able to meet the daily challenges that life presents to us on a daily basis. Each individual will be challenged to go above and beyond his or her expectations of themselves and reach for realistic age appropriate goals that will produce confidence, mental toughness, discipline, and direction in taking on life challenges.


The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth found that obese children are more likely to live in father-absent homes than are non-obese children. Source: National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.


Drill & Ceremony: Our drill & ceremony program much like the ROTC program will teach our students to march military style, with cadence and will focus on the student’s ability to follow instructions, listening skills, communication, discipline, attention to detail, and leadership.


Education: Our education program will consist of anger management techniques,  leadership principles, and conflict resolution. We will use a variety of resources and activities, and other evidence based curriculum. The students will engage in activities that require teamwork, mental toughness, leadership, responsibility, and accountability.


Though D2 Academy has rules, the military activities are not punitive. This is a motivational and educational program filled with challenge, competition and fun. 




























D2PC is a parenting class designed for parents dealing with children or teenagers with unruly behavior, anger management, and conflict resolution issues. Project Dad uses a biblical approach to leadership, with 5 main principles. Considering the demographics of our families in this generation, Project Dad implements these strategies and principles with the single parent in mind.


1. Gaining their respect

2. Establishing adult/child relationship

3. Help your child direct their life

4. Be your child’s biggest fan

5. Never give up


D2PC will meet with parents at the beginning of each grading period, at the midpoint of each grading period, and again at the end of each grading period. These five principles will be the focus of our discussion helping single moms from a male perspective. We will also talk about issues like setting limits, discipline versus correction, self esteem, feelings, power struggles, trust, and much more all related to these five principles.

Our goal is to bring discipline and direction into the lives of young men in all aspects of their life, to include home, school, and the playground. PDPC is meant to be a coaching forum where Project Dad can help all parents and single moms implement DAD principles and support their children as they learn new skills to assist them in controlling their own behaviors away from home.





D2 Coaching also offers individual parent/teacher coaching in order to address specific circumstances and situations involving family/school and parenting. Our services are not by any means psychoanalysis or therapy. Our strategy is based on the five principles and the compatibility between the parent and the child. It is a strength based approach to reduce family stress, expand choices, and achieve positive change.


All parent coaching is done by phone or email, so you can save money and time while gaining the skills necessary to parent effectively and successfully. Home visits may be done as a part of the initial assessment. Our goal is to support the parent, not be the parent.


As a Parent-Coach, we focus specifically on parenting issues. Our work together will focus on improving parenting skills, creating positive relationships between all parties to include self, partner (or ex-partner), and the child/ren. Our goal will often be to improve your ability to provide discipline and direction for your child/ren, increase your child's self control and resiliency--all while ensuring your family is a loving and supportive place for your child/ren and yourself to thrive.



What can I expect for long-term results with parent coaching?

Parent coaching will help you to:

• Learn our five core principles and apply them, whenever or wherever you are with any child.

• Learn to see the options available in conflict situations.

• Gain control over the classroom or home environment.

• Take pride in the fact that your child/student is successful.

• Witness your child’s dramatically increased sense of esteem and empowerment.


Does the coach meet my children?

Yes, in the initial assessment and if the child is enrolled in our school related programs (PDLA). We support adults from the background, empowering the parents and teachers who love the children and have the most invested in their success. We help parents maintain the authority with their children, which can dissipate if they see their parents being corrected. We also work best when we have our clients’ full attention, and they have ours. Occasionally home visits are necessary, but only when parents need extra support. In addition to parent coaching, our coaches visit schools to observe children anonymously, attend school/court meetings with parents, and consult with teachers/court administrators on improving behavior.


Training, Seminars, Speaking engagements


Terry offers high energy, interactive, and multimedia presentations ideally for teachers and parents working with rebellious, argumentative, and irresponsible children in grades K-12. Attendees will be challenged in their approach to discipline and home/classroom management and learn strategic principles in hopes of turning rebellious, argumentative, and irresponsible children into confident, disciplined, and focused children.


Our Bottom Line


Our goal is to reach the fatherless, troubled, and unruly youth of our community by bringing positive male role models to a fatherless generation, and to help strengthen and stabilize families with a long term goal of decreasing mass incarceration. 





We provide solutions in several types of relationships

  • In/after school program

  • Long-term & Short-term coaching 

  • Inservice workshops

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